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Productive Workday

How to make your day productive?

Economy like this makes it imperative to keep your job in case you are made for it or would like to remain in it. Sometimes we feel that our work days are not productive enough and the sense of belongingness towards work evaporates. It is the time when one needs to take a step back and ascertain about the work and it’s usefulness.

Your productivity at any job is the only mark-up whether you get hired for the next big promotion or next big job, in case of inorganic advancement.

Breaks are necessary.

It is usually a good thing to complete your work in one go, but the body and mind needs a break, more often, when you are doing a critical work. A walk for 5 minutes or just looking out of the window will energise your mind to think new things which might help you in your work.

Tasking with ABC priority.

Are you currently working on the most important project? A “To-Do list” night before will help you gather thoughts and help you in prioritizing work according to importance. Do not think that the company wants to see you as a work horse; it wants to see how you complete the most important tasks before the deadline looms. Remember, the more important your work is, the more you important you are to the company.

Early to bed, Early to Rise.

If you can, get to work early, when people aren’t there to distract you. This move can create a lot of work done before the confusion and pressure starts of the work day. It also helps to calm your mind to make the work more manageable and enjoyable at the end. If the career is what you seek then the sacrifice of 1 hour of sleep will take you further than mere mortals.

Multitasking is a farce.

Work is productively done when you focus. Multitasking will never let you completely focus towards one aspect of your job to get it done satisfactorily. It is impossible for human mind to completely focus on 2 jobs at hand. The human brain needs to switch off from one job and switch on again to focus on other work, thus enabling the wastage of precious time and resourcefulness.


Doesn’t mean you need a yoga mat at the office. Concentrating on how you can make a professional day more productive enough could be called meditation at office premises. Give yourself 7 minutes and do something which you like a lot. Listening to your favourite tunes or reading 5 pages of your favourite book is enough to be termed as meditation.

Power nap.

A powernap generates new energy which can be very helpful for your productivity during the course of the day. Powernap also helps to calm the mind making the tasks more clear which needs to be done to make the day productive.

Make sure that powernap never exceeds beyond 20 minutes and discuss it with your boss before starting to make it a ritual.

Stop interruptions.

While working on something important it is best of you can openly but respectfully decline the solicitation from your fellow employees. Every other chat, gossip or work related chat could happen later when the work you are focussing on gets completed.

Make sure that you get out of internet chat rooms which are not important to the work you are currently doing so that nobody can take your mind away from work and into the abyss of unproductive chats.

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