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Everywhere you see, there are companies advertising it’s jobs. These advertisements either become a fodder for dustbins or are forgotten after a look. Plus, these advertisements lose their contact boom, because there might be a chance that the advertisements may not be viewed by people for whom it was intended at first place.

A company which knows what kind of people it wants can use creative means all around which makes it easier for the correct people to be targeted. Some of the well-known creative agencies from advertisement agencies to recruitment agencies have a knack of celebrating this quest with a dash of creativity.


Cups were smuggled into the competitor’s premises. Cups were of same design and placed among the existing cups with one difference “The coffee is highly recommended elsewhere.” (“Recommended” is the name of the recruiting agency)


The impact could be made bigger for the general public but the message of your recruiting drive needs to reach people who are capable enough to decipher it. The prime example of this was the recruitment drive launched by EA.


The headline in ASCII code telecasts “Now Hiring”.

The recruiting page website link.


Shooting the bull’s eye. When a company has a list of people whom they want to see in their own fold, recruiting becomes easy. The marketing effort could be handled directly. One of the examples gives the most direct route and even the confirmation that they are already hired.


Hiring is nowadays not only about interviews and pay rise. It is about creating engagement throughout and making people come to you. Always remember, recruiting might get boring, so please have fun with it.


Shambhu Arvind

October, 2012.

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