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Coming Trends

Providence Solutions is a company which deals majorly into outsourcing and design but we also make sure to be abreast of trends which may disrupt the current scenarios in business. Business as seen now in 2012 is just a precursor to all the changes which will start to manifest in coming years. The starting point would be 2013.

My own ecosystem started by ME and created for ME.

Businesses need to understand that the ecosystems of large corporates which were used have reinvented themselves through connected devices for personal consumption. As the increase in connected devices greatly multiplies the consumption of service, this trend will not slow down.

People are creating newer ecosystems for themselves according to their own likings, capabilities and economic stand point. The businesses need to be there in that eco-system which will in time make or break their profits.

How to be embedded in that ecosystem?

Increase focus on designing for the glance as wearable tech becomes omnipresent. This designing doesn’t only mean the outlay of your message only, but it means how your business message can be close to the wearable tech which is infiltrating daily lives through connecting with that platform. Have you realised how you can increase sales of your products or services through Google glasses? If you haven’t make sure you make a plan because it is coming and it will be big.


Users’ecosystem should get value by your product/service. Once the ecosystem is developed and a user (potential consumer) has nurtured it, he/she will definitely like to organise it with services which could enhance it’s value. Deselecting one’s own ecosystem into a new service compatibility will always be a difficult task for businesses to pull.

Don’t design your service for big screens. The smartphones will change the consumption pattern of media, news, services and shopping. So every business needs to realise that they are in a position to be able to get more users into their fold only if they design their services for smaller devices. One tip: wearable tech might need your services to be gesture controlled.

Adaptability. Period. The service needs to be adaptable to your user’s life and everyday living. It has to be concise and be ready to amalgamate into the user’s habitual life effortlessly.

Simplicity is the best policy.

The information which you consume is running into terabytes, the connected devices are running into double digits, you don’t have time to go into the complexities of the app you just downloaded. All this could be maintained if the whole stream could be simple.

Services need to be simple, elegant and easy to remember. The success of apple iOS, IKEA, Square and the hair comb shows how simplicity is the only thing which is constant when it comes to the ever changing life.


Every feature of your service should add value to the experience of the user. It is not necessary that your app features a host of tools. The only thing it requires is that it should do it’s prescribed work easily and without needing an instruction manual. The same goes for your service. It needs to be simple.

Use mobile. Simplicity doesn’t stand a chance if you do it for a standalone computer or point of sale. It needs to be mobile. As more and more people are coming forward to experience the services when being mobile, your service needs to be sure of being simple while people use it on their phones, iPad and mobile oriented devices.

Trim your business structure. Instagram as in March 2012 had 9 employees and they sold the company for 1 billion dollars. You have to make sure that your business is light and lean when it comes to this ever changing environment. Be simple, stupid.

Use data visualization.

Every business which has any number of clients or customers generates large amounts of data. The companies providing services should always be able to visualize what their data is telling them about their stakeholders.

Use the data to enhance transparency. This will make people be more comfortable in sharing their information with you. In turn the trust factor will help you generate more mature relationship with your customers.

The data visualisation will help you to generate better products, services or processes for your customers. It, in turn will show that the users’ ecosystem is comprehensively being used for betterment of services for the users.

Sell experiences

Businesses which sell a service hit the plateau sooner than companies who sell experiences. Experiences have become the new status card. I don’t need to own a BMW to have an experience. In India, one can book a BMW for $100 and use it for a day. How I use it and how I share that experience is the key?

My shares of Facebook and photos on twitter can generate enough publicity material for BMW to show that they are not selling a brooding showy car, rather they are selling an experience which is unmatched. Now try amalgamating experiences of 100 people together and creating vehicle of promotion for the people.

Spotify is renting music to people, again, it is the experience more than the ownership which matters. The travel industry in Spain is booming when the whole country is in doldrums due to the experience seekers and experience sharers.

Experiences with flexibility is the key.



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